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8 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Copywriter

It's not uncommon for smaller businesses to try to tackle their own copywriting, whether it's their website copy, social media captions, or postcard mailers. Sometimes it's simply due to not having the extra budget, but other times it's because the business owner doesn't understand the value of hiring out that type of work. But, I'm here to confirm that hiring a copywriter to handle your sales writing is a worthy (and necessary!) investment. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Say goodbye to spelling & grammar struggles Do you find yourself always mixing up the three types of "there/their/they're" or interchanging "your" and "you're"? Are you wondering whether to spell out the number "three" or use a "3"? Or that funky "I before E except after C" rule...what's up with that? A good copywriter is a spelling and grammar expert who is familiar with different types and styles of writing. They are there to ensure your business' marketing materials come across as professional as possible through accurate spelling, grammar and word choice.

  2. Minimize industry jargon & being "too close" to a subject While it's often a positive thing to be an expert in your industry, that sometimes makes it hard to put yourself in the shoes of someone who might not have as clear of an understanding on a certain subject. If you're communicating with a general audience, chances are that industry jargon will go right over their heads without you even realizing it. A copywriter can offer a fresh perspective on how to put something into layman's terms to make it easier for the general public to understand (and to be sold!).

  3. Vary copy based on your platform A copywriter is well-versed on a variety of platforms and channels. The type of copy that is used for a social media infographic can vary from the type of copy that is used for a blog or a sales letter. Trust their expertise in how to deliver a clear message to your audience regardless of the platform it's consumed on.

  4. Copywriters are well-connected with other creative experts If you happen to need some graphic design, or video editing help, copywriters will most likely know and recommend several creative experts and have experience working alongside them! Marketing projects more often than not require collaboration and copywriters are experienced at working together with others to create a perfect final product.

  5. Write persuasive copy every time A copywriter is trained to persuade. Everything is written strategically to capture an audience and ultimately convert readers to clients and customers. This is done using simple yet compelling copy that is free of "fluff". Embellished and overdone language is not the key to successful copy, and a good copywriter knows how to achieve your goals using as few words as possible.

  6. Save yourself time so you can do what you do best! If you're not a copywriter by trade, chances are you didn't start your business for a love of writing. Don't worry about spending unnecessary time trying to draft up the perfect captions or headlines. Hire a copywriter to tackle that part so that you can focus on doing what you love, what you're good at, and what makes your business successful!

  7. Deliver fresh content and stay top-of-mind If you're not putting out new content every so often, your customers (or potential customers) could forget about you! While your audience might not always be in the market for what you're selling, it's still important to stay in front of them and be top-of-mind for when they are in the market! Copywriters are full of fresh ideas and ways to consistently communicate with your audience. Take advantage of that!

  8. Capture your brand's voice When you think of "brand voice", which companies come to mind? I think of companies like Duluth Trading Company, Old Spice, and Taco Bell. They each have a distinct tone and they stick with it throughout all of their marketing. A good copywriter can identify your brand voice, your marketing goals, and the overall message you want to send. They will then get in that frame of mind each time they write a new piece of copy for your business so that everything is seamless and consistent.

Whether you're a brand-new business or just looking for a brand refresh, hiring a copywriter is an excellent business decision when it comes to producing compelling, persuasive, and effective marketing. Chances are they'll quickly become an integral part of your team and you'll wonder what you ever did without one. So, that begs the question - can you afford not to hire a copywriter?

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